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Nystatin & Neomycin sulfate water-soluble power

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Neomycin sulfate

Công dụng

Nystatin is a polyene antifungal antibiotic to which many molds and yeasts are sensitive, including Candida spp.

Neomycin is a broad-spectrum bactericidal aminoglycosidic antibiotic with particular activity against certain members of the Enterobacteriaceae e.g. Escherichia coli. Its mode of action is at the ribosomal level. When administered orally, only a fraction (<5%) is absorbed systemically, the remainder remains as the active compound in the gastro-intestianl tract of the animal. Neomycin is not inactivated by enzymes or food. These pharmacological properties lead to neomycin being an efficacious antibiotic in the prevention and treatment of enteric infections caused by bacteria sensitive to neomycin.

Nysneo WS is indicated for the prevention and treatment of bacterial enteritis in calves, sheep, goats, swine and poultry caused by bacteria susceptible to neomycin, such as E.coli, Salmonella and Campylobacter spp.

Liều dùng

For oral administration

Poultry: 1g per 2 – 3 litres of drinking water or 1g per 1 – 1,5 kg of feed equivalent to 1g per 10 – 15 kg bodyweight

Calves, swine: 1g per 15 – 25 kg bodyweight

Chống chỉ định

Hypersensitivity to neomycin and/or nystatin

Administration to animals with a seriously impaired renal function

Administration to animals with an active microbial digestion

Administration during gestation

Administration to poultry producing eggs for human consumption

Thời gian ngưng sử dụng trước khi khai thác

For meat: 5 – 7 days

Bảo quản

Store in a cool, dry place

Protected from direct sunlight

Keep out of the reach of children

Quy cách đóng gói

Sachet of 100g and 1000g

Powder for oral administration

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