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Tolfenamic acid Injectables

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Tolfenamic acid

Công dụng

Tolfenamic acid is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID), used as an acute and chronic pain reliever. Its pharmacologic effects are similar to those of aspirin. Tolfenamic acid inhibits prostaglandin release and has a direct inhibitory effect on prostaglandin receptors. It is a well-absorbed acid through oral administration and injection.  

TOLFEN INJ is used as a remedy of:

A treatment of symptoms of inflammation, fever, swelling.

A supportive treatment of Mastitis, Metritis and Agalactia (MMA) in pigs.

Liều dùng

Cattles and swine: 1ml/10-20kg of bodyweight for intramuscular and intravenous injection.

Cats and dogs: 1ml/5-10kg of bodyweight, cats with hypodermic injection.

The medicine is in effect within 24h-48h after injection.

Notice: Over 20ml is not allowed for one position.

Chống chỉ định

Those animals being so sensitive to the ingredients are prohibited from injection

Cats: intramuscular injection is not allowed.

Dogs: intramuscular or hypodermic injection, to relieve pain after surgery and inject one hour before giving an anaesthetic

Thời gian ngưng sử dụng trước khi khai thác


Intramuscular injection:

For meat: 12 days

Intravenous injection:

For meat: 4 days

Swine: 16 days

Bảo quản

Store at room temperature, at cool places, avoid direct sunlight.

Quy cách đóng gói

Bottle of 20ml and 100ml.

Solution for parenteral administration

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