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South Korea discovered the first farm infected with African swine fever

According to the TTXVN in Seoul, on May 22, South Korea’s African Swine Fever (ASF) Response Committee announced that it had discovered the first outbreak on a farm with more than 1,200 pigs in Cheorwon district, Gangwon province (North). South Korea discovered the first farm infected with African swine fever. Image: AFP The Committee decided to send an epidemic prevention and epidemiological investigation team to the above farm to take measures to prevent the disease from spreading widely. Measures to control people, vehicles and livestock entering and exiting are carried out simultaneously with the destruction and burial of livestock being..

The livestock industry enters a new cycle, it is expected that pig prices will remain high until 2025

According to representatives of large pig farming enterprises, the livestock industry is entering a new cycle with live pig prices expected to remain high until 2025. Currently, live pig prices across the country have reached their highest level since the beginning of 2023 to now. Shortage of domestic and imported supplies Since mid-March 2024, hog prices across the country have maintained a positive upward momentum and are currently reaching 65,000 VND per kg in many localities – the highest price since the beginning of 2023 until now, even recording received a price of 68,000 VND per kg in scattered places...

Pig prices are high but there is no source to sell

According to Mr. Ngo Cao Cuong, Director of BaF Agricultural Finance, live pig prices tend to increase to about 70,000 VND/kg until the end of the second quarter. Currently on the market there are no breeding pigs or weaned pigs to re-herd, so prices are difficult to reduce. BAF Agriculture Joint Stock Company (Code: BAF) has just had a session to share with investors about the production and business situation in the first quarter. The company representative also forecast that the price of live pigs on the market will continue to increase. Mr. Ngo Cao Cuong, Chief Financial Officer, said..

Live pig price May 13, 2024: Increased in the first session of the week

Live pig price May on 13, 2024 increased by 1 000 – 2 000 VND/kg. Currently, the pork market in three regions has traded around 62 000 – 65 000 VND/kg. Northern live pig price May 13 The Northern hog market moved slightly a few places compared to yesterday. Accordingly, the two provinces of Hung Yen and Phu Tho traded at 65 000 VND/kg, after increasing by 1 000 VND. The remaining localities still purchase at yesterday’s pig price. Province Price Increase/decrease Bắc Giang 65.000 – Yên Bái 64.000 – Lào Cai 64.000 – Hưng Yên 65.000 1.000 Nam Định..