Vaccination for porkers

In livestock in general and pig farming in particular, vaccination is the first and extremely important step in disease prevention. Therefore, to minimize the risk of disease and ensure the health of the pig herd, farmers need to know detailed about the vaccination schedule of swine.

Vaccinating pigs is an important part of protecting the health of pigs and greatly determines the efficiency of farming. It helps keep them healthy and limits or eliminates some dangerous infectious diseases in pigs. Therefore, the Vaccination Schedule needs to be strictly followed to ensure pigs are protected from infectious diseases throughout their lives from birth to adulthood.

I. For Piglet Stage

From 1 – 4 days old:

– During the first 1-3 days, you should give piglets the first iron injection. You can use Intrafer 100 B12 or Intrafer 200 B12 to inject pigs. Prevent coccidiosis for piglets using Intracox pump or Toltracox pump.

– Coli vaccination at 4 days of age helps prevent diarrhea and E. coli edema disease in pigs.

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From 7 – 10 days old:

– The 1st time with Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae vaccine: This vaccine helps prevent swine asthma caused by Mycoplasma.

– In addition, you should give pigs a second iron injection.

From 14 – 21 days old:

– PCV2 Vaccine (Circovirus Type 2): This vaccine helps prevent disease caused by Circovirus

II. For Weaning Pigs

From 21 – 28 days of age: Start weaning

Vaccination with PRRS (to prevent Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome):

– The first spirochete vaccination helps prevent diseases caused by Leptospira After 1-2 weeks, repeat the second injection.

– The second time with Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae vaccine to prevent swine asthma caused by Mycoplasma

Get the first Salmonellosis vaccine to prevent disease caused by Salmonella cholereasuis. Repeat injection a second time after 2-3 weeks.

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From 4 – 6 weeks of age:

– The 1st Swine Fever (CSF) Vaccine: This vaccination helps prevent classical swine fever and repeat injection a second time: 2 – 3 weeks.

III. Grower Stage

6 – 8 Weeks Old:

– Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae vaccine prevents pneumonia and pleurisy (APP) caused by the bacteria Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae. Repeat the second injection after 3 weeks.

8 – 10 Weeks Old:

– Streptococcus suis Vaccine helps prevent pneumonia caused streptococcal, a common and damage causing disease.

Image of vaccination for porkers

Note: Types of vaccines that people should inject according to manufacturer’s instructions.

1. Vaccine storage: Always store vaccines according to the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure effectiveness. Vaccines need to be refrigerated at 2 – 8°C (cool compartment of the refrigerator).

Expired vaccines must be destroyed. Leftover vaccines must be destroyed in the right place, not thrown away indiscriminately, especially live vaccines, so as not to create complicated mutations for future disease prevention.

2. Health Check: Vaccinate only for healthy pigs. Do not vaccinate pigs suspected of being infected or sick, and do not use antibiotics within 1 week before and after vaccination.

– Supplement vitamins and electrolytes before and 3 days after vaccination. You can use Imkooler or Coolvit products

– Limit vaccination of pigs during times of adverse weather such as heat, rain, storms, cold weather, and limit stress on pigs before – during – and after vaccination.

Vaccination schedules may change depending on the epidemiological characteristics of each region and different farms and have different specific vaccination schedules. Therefore, people should consider choosing a complete vaccination schedule suitable for their farm’s epidemiology, and should definitely consult a veterinarian to ensure disease safety.

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