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The US and Europe consider avian influenza vaccination for dairy workers

The US and Europe are taking steps to purchase or produce avian flu vaccines to protect poultry and dairy workers. US officials last week said they were shipping large quantities of CSL Seqirus vaccine suitable for preventing the H5N1 avian influenza virus. The amount of vaccine that can be provided is up to 4.8 million doses. Meanwhile, European health officials told Reuters that they are negotiating to buy CSL Seqirus’s vaccine amid the risk of an avian flu pandemic. Canadian health officials said they met with GSK – Canada’s seasonal flu vaccine manufacturer – to discuss purchasing and producing avian..

Lobster and fish deaths in Phu Yen are not due to disease

Lobster and fish died in the farming area of Song Cau town (Phu Yen province) not due to disease but due to lack of oxygen in the farming area. Farmers in Song Cau town, Phu Yen province suffered heavy losses due to mass deaths of lobsters and fish. Image: AN. The stocking density is too thick The Institute for Aquaculture Research III (referred to as Institute III) has just released a survey report on supporting Phu Yen province in determining the causes of lobster and marine fish deaths. Accordingly, on May 22, Institute III sent a working delegation to Vinh..

South Korea discovered the first farm infected with African swine fever

According to the TTXVN in Seoul, on May 22, South Korea’s African Swine Fever (ASF) Response Committee announced that it had discovered the first outbreak on a farm with more than 1,200 pigs in Cheorwon district, Gangwon province (North). South Korea discovered the first farm infected with African swine fever. Image: AFP The Committee decided to send an epidemic prevention and epidemiological investigation team to the above farm to take measures to prevent the disease from spreading widely. Measures to control people, vehicles and livestock entering and exiting are carried out simultaneously with the destruction and burial of livestock being..

Animal bone powder from places with mad cow epidemic through Cambodia to Vietnam, the Ministry of Agriculture directs

Recently, there has been a phenomenon of some organizations and individuals transporting red blood cell powder and animal bone powder from Europe (where there is a mad cow epidemic) through the Cambodian border gate by truck or barge into Vietnam. On May 23, Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Phung Duc Tien signed a series of official dispatches to southern border provinces such as Tay Ninh, Long An, Kien Giang, Dong Thap, Binh Phuoc, and An Giang on Focus on directing and organizing to prevent the illegal transportation of animal products of unknown origin across borders. According to the..

Dozens of tons of lobsters and fishes died suddenly

Lobster farmers in Xuan Thinh commune, Song Cau town (Phu Yen) are crying because lobsters and fishes suddenly died, causing heavy damage.   Lobster farmers in Xuan Thinh commune, Song Cau town (Phu Yen) picked up dead lobsters. Image: AN. The People’s Committee of Song Cau town has just issued an urgent document on the handling of dead lobsters and fishes in the farming areas of Xuan Thinh commune. Accordingly, the Town People’s Committee requested Xuan Thinh commune to compile statistics on the number of people’s aquaculture losses and quickly report to the Town through the Economic Department. At the..

The livestock industry enters a new cycle, it is expected that pig prices will remain high until 2025

According to representatives of large pig farming enterprises, the livestock industry is entering a new cycle with live pig prices expected to remain high until 2025. Currently, live pig prices across the country have reached their highest level since the beginning of 2023 to now. Shortage of domestic and imported supplies Since mid-March 2024, hog prices across the country have maintained a positive upward momentum and are currently reaching 65,000 VND per kg in many localities – the highest price since the beginning of 2023 until now, even recording received a price of 68,000 VND per kg in scattered places...


Blood parasitic disease in chickens is a dangerous disease that reduces the growth and reproduction of chickens. Although the level of infection is low, the death rate is high because chickens are immunocompromised. The chickens show signs such as: fatigue, sluggishness, loss of appetite or decreased appetite, pale combs with increasing frequency, fever, decreased laying, diarrhea with dark green stools, or even blood that does not clot or Hemophilia or not? If your chickens are showing one or more of the above signs, it is likely that they are infected with a disease that we often call blood parasitic disease..

China discovered bird flu in wild animals

China’s Ministry of Agriculture announced the discovery of flu cases in wild poultry in the western part of the country. The above information has made public opinion confused concerns about the risks from bird flu after an outbreak of infection in cattle herds is occurring in the US. The above information has made public opinion confused concerns about the risks from bird flu after an outbreak of infection in cattle herds is occurring in the US. Specifically, two counties in Qinghai province, China confirmed 275 cases of influenza infection in samples from dead Pallas gulls and other wild birds. The ministry received..

Pig prices are high but there is no source to sell

According to Mr. Ngo Cao Cuong, Director of BaF Agricultural Finance, live pig prices tend to increase to about 70,000 VND/kg until the end of the second quarter. Currently on the market there are no breeding pigs or weaned pigs to re-herd, so prices are difficult to reduce. BAF Agriculture Joint Stock Company (Code: BAF) has just had a session to share with investors about the production and business situation in the first quarter. The company representative also forecast that the price of live pigs on the market will continue to increase. Mr. Ngo Cao Cuong, Chief Financial Officer, said..

Animal feed prices decrease for the second time in 2024

C.P Vietnam Livestock Joint Stock Company and De Heus Company Limited announce the adjustment of animal feed prices, the application period begins from May 11, 2024. Accordingly, animal feed prices have been adjusted to decrease from 100 to 500 VND per kg. This can be considered the second price reduction in 2024 and up to now, animal feed prices have decreased from 400 to 800 VND per kg. According to C.P Vietnam Livestock Joint Stock Company, this time adjusting the selling price of animal feed is to accompany and share with farmers. Specifically, the application period starts from May 11,..