Top 5 weird and interesting things about geese

Geese are very familiar animals to farmers, especially those raised in the house, guarding the house. So how much do you really know about geese aggressive but loyal?

The scientific name of geese is Anserinae. They are familiar animals and are raised for meat, eggs and feathers. In addition, they are also raised to guard the house. Discover more interesting things about geese.

1.Geese are vegetarian

Geese do not like to eat shrimp and fish like chickens and ducks. They only like to eat vegetables, grass, potatoes, corn, cassava, fruits, etc. it’s no exaggeration to say they are vegetarian animals.

Even if you deliberately put a little fish and shrimp in their bowl, the geese will refuse to touch it, they will kick it over and stop eating. Even if next time you don’t put anything strange in their bowl, they won’t touch that bowl. If you want them to eat, the only way is to replace them with a new bowl. They are stubborn but also adorable, right?

Image of geese

2. Do geese have a high spiritual nature and have the ability to exorcise evil spirits?

In some cultures, people have the notion that animals such as geese have the ability to hold back evil forces and spirits and bring peace to the family. Therefore, people can raise them in the hope that they will bring luck and protection to the house.

With protective instincts, Geese have strong family feelings and the ability to protect their territory. From a spiritual perspective, the care and protection of the goose’s habitat can be considered a sacred act, protecting the family and home.

Connection to nature and spirituality: Raising geese can be seen as a way to strengthen the connection to nature and spirituality, especially in cultures with traditional beliefs about life and protection.

Although there is no concrete scientific evidence to prove that geese have the ability to exorcise evil spirits, this belief remains a part of the culture and spirituality of many people. Raising geese not only brings joy and connection to nature, but can also bring a sense of peace and protection to the family from a religious standpoint.

Image of geese

3. Aggressive but very loyal

Firstly, geese are intelligent animals and have the ability to distinguish between family members and strangers. They are very friendly with their owners but are extremely aggressive towards strangers.

When they sense insecurity, geese will aggressively attack and make noise. If the cry is strong and loud, it is definitely a sign of trouble and danger. Geese are not easily lured by other food, so they are extremely trustworthy.

Not only do they help people look after their homes and clean up weeds, geese also help people chase harmful animals out of their living areas. Indeed, geese are the enemy of harmful animals such as mice and snakes. These animals only need to smell goose droppings and they will immediately be tens of meters away. So most families that raise geese rarely have mice or snakes visit them.

Image of geese

4. Geese’s ears are flexible and sensitive to changing sounds

Dogs don’t know there’s a storm, but geese can hear very low frequencies, sense humidity and water vapor in the air, and the weather changes very well. This helps them detect dangers early, including potential prey and predators, so they cry and scurry. Geese‘s ears not only help them detect danger but also aid in protecting their children. Thanks to this ability, geese can react quickly to protect their young from unexpected threats.

5. Geese are loyal animals

The truth is that when its lover dies, the remaining one will stay and worship her forever. What a lovely and loyal animal, right?

All are the top 5 thrilling and interesting facts about geese – one of the very familiar poultry species in our lives. Thanks to these information, farmers can understand more about this animal and have more effects on raising.

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