Dual benefits from biogas in livestock farming

As a coastal locality with many large-scale livestock raising households in Tam Ky City (Quang Nam), Tam Thang commune is supporting households to build biogas tanks to solve the pollution environment in livestock farming.

Mr. Nguyen Hong Ha’s family in Thach Tan village (Tam Thang commune) has raised pigs with a herd of nearly 20 pigs since 2018 until now. Although Mr. Ha’s family built a cellar to treat waste, it still could not completely eliminate the odor, affecting his family and neighbors.

In early 2024, with local guidance and support, Mr. Ha built a biogas tank. Up to now, the biogas cellar has been operating stably, bringing dual benefits such as completely eliminating the stench from waste but also creating gas for cooking, including making wine and cooking feed for pigs.

Building a biogas tank has solved environmental problems in livestock farming.

Mr. Nguyen Hong Ha shared: “Since building the biogas tank, the environment in the livestock area is cleaner, neighbors no longer complain about bad smells. Waste from the pigs is treated through a biogas tank, which has contributed to minimizing the risk of disease.”

Implementing the Tam Ky City Agricultural Economic Development Project for the period 2022 – 2025, with an orientation to 2030 on supporting the construction of biogas tanks, the city supports 100% of the construction cost with a maximum of no more than 15 million VND/farm and not more than 20 million VND/farm.

Currently, the People’s Committee of Tam Thang commune is conducting a survey and checking the conditions to support livestock owners to build this model. It is expected that this year will support 8 livestock facilities. Many livestock households have begun to install and operate biogas tanks, bringing economic efficiency to their families as well as protecting the environment in livestock farming.

Use gas from biogas for cooking.

Ms. Chau Thi Thuong in Vinh Binh village (Tam Thang commune) said: “Because I raise a large number of pigs, I have to cook a lot. Since using gas from biogas, my family has saved a lot of money on cooking feed for pigs as well as for household use. Moreover, the surrounding environment is also healthier. Thanks to the biogas tank, my family can feel secure in developing livestock and production.”

Mr. Trinh Cong Quoc – Vice Chairman of Tam Thang Commune People’s Committee said: “Introducing the biogas digester model into livestock waste treatment is an effective solution for livestock households in the commune.

Currently, the locality is continuing to promote propaganda about the benefits of using biogas in livestock farming, both saving living costs, protecting the environment, and protecting livestock against diseases danger; At the same time, it contributes to implementing environmental criteria in the National Target Program on building new rural areas.”

Faced with environmental pollution from livestock activities, finding appropriate waste and wastewater treatment methods is very important. Therefore, not only stopping at Tam Thang commune, Tam Ky city will deploy this model throughout the area according to the Tam Ky city agricultural economic development project for the period 2022 – 2025.

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