Top best fighting chicken breeds today

Now, many people are interested in raising fighting chickens, which are special and fight well. What are top 5 the best fighting chicken breeds? And the reasons making them unique?

To create exciting and attractive cockfights, it is indispensable that the cocks fight hard, fight well and have many tricks. What are Top 5 the best fighting chicken breeds today?

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The first and best fighting chicken breed: the Kelso American Chicken

Kelso is a famous chicken breed in the world. They are known as very intelligent warriors originating from America. Unlike many other fighting cocks, Kelso makes calculated moves to quickly defeat his opponent. They do not jump at the opponent in the air but will wriggle or approach the opponent before delivering a fatal blow with just 1-2 kicks.

This is one of the names of the best fighting cocks in the world, always implementing the strategy of fighting quickly and winning quickly by using strength, speed and dangerous fighting positions. The most common characteristics of the Kelso chicken breed are that they have yellow feathers, white or yellow legs, square and round heads, and turkey combs. Currently, there are two popular Kelso lines: “Firebird Kelso” and “Out and Out Kelso”. In Vietnam, this best fighting chicken breed since its introduction has stirred up every arena and quickly made a name for itself.

Top 2: Peruvian fighting cock breed – they are the fieriest warriors in the ring.

The outstanding feature of this chicken breed is its agility with the ability to fly high, kick and stab very neatly. Compared to other fighting chicken breeds in the world, the Peruvian chicken breed is also aggressive and knows how to throw kicks that can cause extremely high damage to opponents. Therefore, they are very popular with players and are always the most sought after name in the fighting cock world.

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Top 3: Sweater Chicken breed, which is the most “tough” chicken breed on the field

Sweater is one of the best spur-fighting chicken breeds in the world, winning invincibly, making opponents submit. They have great playing style and endurance as they continuously attack to overwhelm their opponents.

Because it is a fighting chicken breed that specializes in fighting, Sweater has a neat and toned body. They are also known for their fighting strength, aggressiveness, and inherent agility. In addition, they have the ability to fly well, so air battles always create extremely dramatic matches. They have extremely fast and accurate attack speed with strong force, so the opponent often falls immediately if they are hit.

In particular, they have small lungs and are located deep, so it is difficult to kick their lungs. At the same time, Sweater has few weaknesses, so it becomes one of the formidable opponents for other fighting chicken breeds.

Among fighting cocks, they have now become the most fearsome fighting cock breed today thanks to its decisive moves. Currently, when introduced to Vietnam, the Sweater chicken breed is often referred to as the American fighting chicken.

Top 4: Albany – The most “playful” breed of chicken on the field

With its distinctive red color, gray-black spots on the feathers and tail and yellow legs, the Albany chicken breed is also on the list of the best fighting chicken breeds today.

Accordingly, its attack power is amazing and can take a lot of damage without even getting scratched at all. It has incredible one-on-one combat ability, being able to wriggle into space to create a blow that causes enormous damage to its opponent.

The Albany breed is a perfect example of cross-breeding between the best fighting breeds to produce great character. With much potential, they will soon become a powerful and sought after fighter.

Image of Albany chicken breed

Top 5: Don noi chicken – The best fighting chicken breed in Vietnam

Don noi chicken is one of the best fighting chicken breeds in Vietnam that cannot be ignored in this list. This is a famous fighting chicken breed and is only available in Vietnam. They are favored by many players because of their intelligent fighting style, many clever tricks, aggressiveness and high endurance.

Currently in Vietnam, depending on each locality, there are many best fighting chicken breeds such as different breeds of fighting chickens. Therefore, almost all over the S-shaped strip of land there are the best and famous fighting chicken breeds such as: Tho Ha fighting chicken , Do Son fighting chicken (Hai Phong), Van Ho chicken (Hanoi), Song Ve chicken (Hanoi). Quang Ngai), Cao Lanh (Dong Thap).

We will briefly mention the two best and most famous fighting chicken breeds in Vietnam: Binh Dinh fighting chicken and Cao Lanh iron spur fighting chicken.

Binh Dinh Chicken

Famous for a long time in the fighting stages, Binh Dinh fighting chickens have always been in the Top of the most famous fighting chicken breeds in Vietnam from past to present.

With amazing endurance combined with a beautiful and dangerous way of striking, it is no exaggeration to say that they almost dominate their opponents.

The general characteristics of Binh Dinh fighting chickens are their large stature, well-developed muscles, good physical condition, big strong bones (Blow chickens) shown in the characteristics of being able to withstand blows quite well and compete durably, a lot can endure 40 consecutive rounds (each round is 20 minutes long and the break between rounds is 5 minutes). The head, neck, chest, and thighs are all very sparsely feathered, but the wings have developed feathers that help the chicken have the ability to raise its body high to kick. Binh Dinh fighting chickens have a slow growth rate, taking over 1 year of age to reach physical maturity.

Cao Lanh Chicken

Cao Lanh chicken in its heyday was famous throughout the ancient Cochinchina region, and was passed down by many people through folk songs:

“No chicken is as good as Cao Lanh chicken, No girl is as beautiful as Nha Man girl.”

They are famous for their ferocity, unparalleled strength and very good fighting moves

However, currently, this best fighting chicken breed has declined a lot because people do not know how to choose good breeds for the next generation. But there are still quite a few of the largest breed chicken farms in Vietnam such as the famous Cao Lanh fighting chicken farm until now.

Top 5 best fighting chicken breeds have created a great impression for farmers due to appearance and “special kicking”. Thanks for these information, you can choose which fighting chickens are suitable for farming and hobby.

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