The Most Expensive Pig Breeds in the World

Pork is a popular ingredient in cooking, but each breed of pig has a different value. So which meat breeds of pig are the most expensive? And why are they so expensive? Let’s find out the list of the top 5 most expensive pig breeds in the world !

Pigs are not only a popular food source globally, but are also an important part of the culture and cuisine of many countries. Some special pig breeds are highly valued not only for their economic one but also for their delicious meat quality, making them sought after by producers and gourmets. Let’s find out Top 5 most expensive pig breeds in the world !

Top 1. Mangalitsa pig

Mangalitsa pigs, also known as “sheep pigs” due to their curly wool-like fur, originate from Hungary. This breed of pig was bred in the 19th century and nearly became extinct at the end of the 20th century. Thanks to conservation and breeding efforts, their number has increased and they have been raised on many farms.

Mangalitsa is famous for its characteristic curly coat and high fat content of pork. The whole body is 65-70% fat, giving it a special flavor and greasiness. The meat of this breed is often compared to the famous Japanese Kobe beef thanks to its unique greasy texture. With fragrant, delicious flavor and good quality, Mangalica pork is known as the most delicious in the world. The price can reach several thousand USD, mainly thanks to the high quality of meat.

Mangalitsa meat is used for export abroad or to produce premium pork products such as sausages, ham and bacon. Its superior meat quality and distinctive flavor make it the top choice in many luxury restaurants and high-end food manufacturers.

Image of Mangalitsa pig

Top 2. Iberico pig

The Iberico pig is native to the Iberian peninsula, including Spain and Portugal. This breed of pig has been raised in this area for hundreds of years and is famous for its exceptional meat quality.

Iberico pigs are raised naturally and eat acorns, which creates a unique flavor and special meat texture. The meat has a deep red color and fine marbling, creating tenderness and rich flavor. An Iberico pig can cost from several hundred to several thousand dollars, especially pigs raised in natural conditions and on a special diet.

Iberico pork is used to produce the famous Iberico ham, a product considered the quintessence of Spanish cuisine. Iberico ham has a rich flavor and unique softness, favored by many gourmets around the world.

Top 3. KuneKune Pig

KuneKune pigs originate from New Zealand and are known as one of the smallest pig breeds in the world. This breed of pig has been raised by the indigenous Maori people for many centuries.

KuneKune pigs are compact in size, with an adult weight of only 60 to 200 pounds (about 27 to 90 kg). Their fur colors are very diverse, from black and white, to ginger, cream, yellow-tip, black, brown and calico. They have a gentle and easy-going personality, making them Ideal and popular pet in pig farms. The price can be up to several thousand USD, especially those with beautiful appearance and outstanding characteristics.

KuneKune pigs are often raised as pets and participate in ornamental pig competitions. In addition, they are also raised for meat, however, their main value lies as pets and ornamental pigs.

Image of KuneKune Pig

Top 4. Berkshire pigs

Berkshire pigs originate from England and have been known since the 19th century. This breed of pig is bred from local pig breeds with pig breeds imported from Asia.

The entire body of Berkshire pigs is black. Particularly the forehead, 4 legs and tail of animals have white spots. The body is wide, long and the head is short. The face is slightly curved (slightly skewed), and has upturned lines. The ears are facing forward again. The neck is short, the chest is deep and wide, and the rib cage is broad. Four straight legs, smooth fur and strong constitution. In addition, they have a gentle personality and quickly matures. They are famous for their excellent meat quality, with fine marbling and rich flavor. The meat has a natural tenderness and sweetness, making it a popular choice among high-end restaurants and high-quality meat producers. The price can range from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars.

Berkshire pork is widely used to produce premium meat products such as sausages, bacon and pork roasts. The superior meat quality of this breed makes it the top choice of many famous chefs and restaurants.

Top 5. Tamworth Pig

Tamworth pigs originate from England and have been known since the 19th century. This breed of pig was bred to withstand harsh climatic conditions and be able to feed itself well.

Image of Tamworth Pig

Tamworth pigs have a characteristic red coat color. Overall appearance has an elongated head shape and a long and narrow body. The ears are erect and pointed, while the face has straight lines as does the muzzle. They have a special flavor. The meat has a firm texture and rich flavor, making it a popular choice in high-end restaurants. An adult pig can weigh from 250–370 kg. The price can range from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars

Tamworth pigs are raised for meat production and to preserve rare breeds. They are also raised as pets and participate in pig competitions. With the ability to endure harsh conditions and exceptional meat flavor, they play an important role in preserving and developing rare pig breeds.

The most expensive pig breeds in the world not only impress by their economic value but also by their special appearance and meat quality. In the future, the conservation and development of rare pig breeds will continue to play an important role in the global economy and cuisine.

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