To raise awareness and responsibility in fire prevention and fighting, VB Pharma organized a training session on FIRE PREVENTION AND FIGHTING SAFETY for all employees.

Image of fire prevention & fighting training

The training provides basic knowledge about fire prevention and fighting, including the concept of what is a flammable substance? Fire prevention measures and common fighting methods such as using fire extinguishers, escape skills to safely protect yourself and those around you.

Applying knowledge into practice, the training creates opportunities for employees to participate in fire prevention and fighting practices such as using powder and gas extinguishers to extinguish flames, and how to properly connect a faucet and hold a fire hose.

Image of using fire extinguishers

Image of using fire hose

Organizing annual fire prevention and fighting training is one of the important & practical activities for employees in particular and VB Pharma in general when everyone is fully equipped with basic knowledge about fire handling & emergency escape, as well as further improve our responsibilities.

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