Firstly, VB Pharma Corporation would like to thank our esteemed partners for trusting and supporting us during the past time.

Recently, we have received responses from customers about the counterfeit of VB Pharma’s powder products, causing confusion and significantly affecting the benefits of customers as well as our prestige and brand image.

We would like to counsel and inform you of a specific notice to avoid buying fake goods, to ensure your rights as well:

1Images distinguishing fake and real VB PHARMA products

2. The products which have not been manufactured by VB Pharma but borrowed the trademarks of VB Pharma are all counterfeit for the purpose of profiteering, affecting the reputation and image of VB Pharma, and the benefits of customers when using counterfeit products faces many risks of quality and causes damage in livestock.

With this act of infringement, the manufacturer and trader of counterfeit trademark products will be responsible for violations of the promulgated laws.

3. All products manufactured by VB Pharma display the company’s logo, registration product number announced and Official distributor on the product label.

4. Information related to trademarks, products, etc. will be provided specifically with information and images on the official pages of the VB Pharma factory including:

  • Facebook channel VB Pharma: https://www.facebook.com/ThuocthuyVBPharma
  • Facebook channel VB Pharma Corporation – Veterinary Medicine Manufacturer: https://www.facebook.com/VBPharmaCorporation
  • Website: vbpharma.vn https://vbpharma.vn/

with the official distributor information in each country’s market

5. Customers should not buy products without sales invoices, and the clear origin in case there emerge problems with product quality.

VB Pharma welcomes customers/partners who know about counterfeit products, and transfer to us, so that we can check, verify products as well as work with the regulatory authorities to bring the best quality products to our esteemed customers.

Especially, we welcome Companies/Distributors who are interested in VB Pharma’s products to directly contact us for advice and cooperation in distributing VB Pharma’s products based on capabilities and demand of the market.

VB Pharma respectfully thanks for the cooperation of our valued customers/partners.


If any questions, feel free to contact:

Tel: 0222 3556 868

Or via the official VB Pharma page


VB Pharma Corporation – Veterinary Medicine Manufacturer


Email: info@vbpharma.vn

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