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Ducks & Geese are losing feather and how to remedy

Feather loss in ducks and geese is common in both home and farm environments. Factors contributing to the development of this disease often include stocking density, barn hygiene, and feed and water quality. In livestock farming, geese are poultry species that bring high economic efficiency. However, geese also require special care, because they can face many risks and often susceptible to disease. In particular, loss of feathers in geese is quite common, not only affecting the development but also causing great economic loss. When it comes to feather loss in geese, most farmers will feel scared and discouraged. Therefore, people..

Top 5 weird and interesting things about geese

Geese are very familiar animals to farmers, especially those raised in the house, guarding the house. So how much do you really know about geese aggressive but loyal? The scientific name of geese is Anserinae. They are familiar animals and are raised for meat, eggs and feathers. In addition, they are also raised to guard the house. Discover more interesting things about geese. 1.Geese are vegetarian Geese do not like to eat shrimp and fish like chickens and ducks. They only like to eat vegetables, grass, potatoes, corn, cassava, fruits, etc. it’s no exaggeration to say they are vegetarian animals...