Top 5 broiler breeds with the highest economic value in Vietnam

Vietnam has many chicken breeds with delicious meat quality, high productivity, and are favored by farmers. Which are the top 5 most productive broiler breeds? Ensuring delicious meat, easy to raise, and high efficiency? The broiler industry in Vietnam is growing very strongly, contributing a large part to the development of the agricultural economy. Broiler breeds not only provide an important food source but also bring high economic value to farmers. Top 5 broiler breeds with the highest economic value in Vietnam are suitable and productive breeds. 1. RI CHICKEN Ri chicken is a long-standing indigenous chicken breed in Vietnam,..

“The Secret of Feathers: Top 4 Magical Chicken Breeds in Asia”

Chickens are a breed giving nutrition and high economy value. Each breed has special features, especially about the color of feathers. What is feathers’ secret of chickens? What are top 4 chicken breeds in Asia? Nowadays, raising ornamental chickens is a hobby of many people, helping to improve their mood. Each type of chicken has its own beauty, especially those that can change the color of their feathers. Let’s explore the top 4 chicken breeds in Asia that have the amazing ability to change feather colors with the seasons. 1. ONAGADORI CHICKEN (WITH LONG TAIL) Firstly, the Onagadori chicken from..