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Top best fighting chicken breeds today

Now, many people are interested in raising fighting chickens, which are special and fight well. What are top 5 the best fighting chicken breeds? And the reasons making them unique? To create exciting and attractive cockfights, it is indispensable that the cocks fight hard, fight well and have many tricks. What are Top 5 the best fighting chicken breeds today? Image of fighting chickens The first and best fighting chicken breed: the Kelso American Chicken Kelso is a famous chicken breed in the world. They are known as very intelligent warriors originating from America. Unlike many other fighting cocks, Kelso..

“The Secret of Feathers: Top 4 Magical Chicken Breeds in Asia”

Chickens are a breed giving nutrition and high economy value. Each breed has special features, especially about the color of feathers. What is feathers’ secret of chickens? What are top 4 chicken breeds in Asia? Nowadays, raising ornamental chickens is a hobby of many people, helping to improve their mood. Each type of chicken has its own beauty, especially those that can change the color of their feathers. Let’s explore the top 4 chicken breeds in Asia that have the amazing ability to change feather colors with the seasons. 1. ONAGADORI CHICKEN (WITH LONG TAIL) Firstly, the Onagadori chicken from..