VB Pharma Corporation was founded in 2016 and officially came into operation in early 2017. The manufacturing plant is situated in VSIP Bac Ninh – Vietnam-Singapore Industrial Park, which rigorously meets the international standards of environmental and operations management. For over two years, VB Pharma Corporation has committed to providing people everywhere with the best quality products available.

VB Pharma Corporation not only supplies all customers with veterinary products including veterinary health, nutritional supplements and disinfectants but also towards provides households with natural insect repellents.

Products that benefit animal health are also to well serve the health of human beings. Perceiving this, we are all now aiming for healthier eating habits and organic products. Our awareness toward healthier living paves the way for natural animal healthcare products with the exploitation of Vietnam’s natural advantages to use the best natural materials available. Manufactured by up-to-date technologies that comply with European Standards strictly, VB Pharma products are always diversified into various specification and usage which provide breeders with excellent services in the prevention of disease – weight gain – treatment – recovery from disease – growth to different animals such as cattle, poultry, fishery, domestic animals and so forth.

With our wisdom, determination and consensus, we have developed VB Pharma Corporation to be a goodwill company that offers all customers with ultimate quality and diverse products and accompanies customers on their journey to success.

VB Pharma Corporation’s mission: Apply science – state-of-the-art technologies – organization and management from Europe in manufacture to contribute further to animal husbandry in Vietnam and other countries in all over the world.

VB Pharma Corporation’s value: carry on our shared passion for healthier, eco-friendly products in order to take care of animal health and secure healthy food supply for humans.

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